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Upholstery is a surface in the home that experiences the most frequent use. Although most households use their various upholsteries many times every day, they are often neglected when it comes to cleaning. With so much wear and tear these surfaces endure, proper cleaning is important to extend the life of various upholstery surfaces. Here is how often you should use upholstery cleaning supplies in Fort Myers to clean these special surfaces.

On the Surface

Cleaning the surface of any upholstery surface regularly is essential to maintain aesthetics and function. Spills on the surface need to be cleaned immediately. This will avoid long term stains on the surface. Next, stain removal or spot cleaning may be necessary to prevent further staining. Vacuuming upholstery surfaces about once a week or when dirt or debris starts to build up will keep the surface looking clean and can help avoid damage.

Where can I find the best upholstery cleaning supplies in Fort Myers?

Professional Cleaning

Professionally deep cleaning an upholstery surface depends on the needs and uses of the household. On average, professional cleaning is necessary one or two times every two years. If a household has pets and children, they will likely need professional upholstery cleaning once a year to avoid stains and odor. A professional cleaning business should use specialty products such as brushes and cleaners to properly clean an upholstery surface.

Finding the Best Upholstery Cleaning Supplies in Fort Myers

When caring for your clients’ upholstery, it is essential that your businesses uses the best supplies to get the job done. Contact Excel Cleaning and Restoration for a variety of professional upholstery cleaning supplies in Fort Myers. Using the best supplies, you business can provide clients with high quality services to keep their surfaces clean.