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When it comes to commercial cleaning there are many general and specialized services that companies offer. Some companies may offer several different types of services, where others might specialize in just one or two services. Let’s take a look at some of the different types of commercial cleaning services out there and what types of commercial cleaning equipment in Florida that they need.

General Office Cleaning

General office cleaning is typically the most common, and popular, type of commercial cleaning. General office cleaning includes cleaning all communal areas of the office (desks, kitchen countertops, toilets, etc.). It will also usually include some floor mopping and vacuuming.

Industrial Cleaning

Industrial cleaning is far more extensive than general office cleaning and will usually require the use of some machinery. Industrial cleaners have undergone extensive training on any and all equipment that is used.

Who has the best commercial cleaning equipment in Florida?

Window Cleaning

Window cleaning services are particularly useful in high rise office buildings where someone cannot clean their windows on their own from the ground level. Depending on the rent agreement, sometimes the landlord of the office building will include this service in rent payment.

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