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Equipment Type Daily Rental Weekly Rental
Centrifugal Airmover $15.00 $90.00
Axial Airmover $17.50 $98.00
Medium Dehumidifier (DE 1200) ** $40.00 $240.00
Large LGR Dehumidifier (Drymax, Evo, Etc) ** $45.00 $270.00
X-Large LGR Dehumidifier (7000, R250, Etc.) ** $60.00 $360.00
HEPA 500 / Ermator A600 AFD * $50.00 $300.00
Ermator A1200 / Force Aire 2000  * $65.00 $390.00
Flood Extractor (no tools) $50.00 $300.00
Water Claw / Flash Xtractor $25.00 $150.00
FLIR Infrared Camera $250.00 $1,500.00
175 RPM Floor Machine (17″/20″) ** $45.00 $270.00
Portable Carpet Extractor w/ Heat $50.00 $300.00
Portable Tile Extractor (w/o tool) $85.00 $500.00
Tile Tool (Turbo Hybrid/SX-12) $35.00 $210.00
Upholstery Tool & Carpet Wand $20.00 $120.00
Serum Eliminator Soft Wash System $175.00 $1,050.00
Portable Pressure Washer $75.00 $450.00
Ozone Generator (TZ1 or TZ2) *** $50.00 $300.00
Hydroxyl Machine *** $50.00 $300.00
Stone Restoration Floor Machine (17″) **** $100.00 $600.00

Large BULK Load Restoration Drying Packages are available during Extreme Events upon request.

*) All Air Filtration Devices (AFD) units also known as HEPA Air Scrubbers require a primary HEPA filter purchase prior to purchasing. Excel will discount the filters for the rental by 15%.

(**) Dehumidifiers will vary in availability throughout the year. Excel Supplies traditionally has XL deals in stock.  All dehumidifier rentals will also be assessed a filter replacement charge at a (15%) discount. This assures each rental has a clean unit for their job site.

(***) All Ozone Generator rentals require a waiver form to be signed by a responsible party from your company.

(****) Stone machine rental includes a 17″ HD Stone machine, shampoo tank, standard pad driver, and a weighted pad driver. This item is not always available.

All equipment must be transported in a covered trailer, van, or box truck.  There are NO Exceptions and Excel Supplies reserves the right to refuse rental to any company not compliant.  All contractor-grade equipment we provide has sensitive electrical switches, boards, etc.

  • Miscellaneous Items:
    Decontamination Fee applies for Fire or Mold jobs $45.00 per item.  This is at the discretion of management.  The contractor has the right to decon the rental equipment.
  • Delivery Fees will apply depending on the amount of equipment ordered and the time of delivery.
  • Mobilization will be estimated upfront. Otherwise, it will be charged out at $3.00 per mile from point of origin to the rental location and back.

Excel Supplies rental policy is an A.M. to A.M. or P.M. to P.M. rental period. An example is if you rent a piece of equipment at 10 a.m. the 24-hour period ends at 9:59 a.m. the following day. Equipment must be called off 12 hours prior to being “off rent” and a fax (239-768-2413) or email ( must be sent with w/the exact equipment being called off the equipment count, and the location where it was dropped off with a signature from the contracting party. All items that are called off must be returned or picked up the following business day, if items are not received, the rental period will continue and another delivery charge (if applicable) will be added to your account that will match the delivery charge outlined in your contract. If equipment is damaged it is the financial responsibility of the rental contract.


We always strive to offer the most competitive pricing in the industry. Excel pride's ourselves on our ability to meet demand, product availability, service and support, and competitive pricing.  If you are buying in bulk we offer competitive pricing to meet your needs.  You can reach out to any of our commercial sales leaders by calling 800.909.3590.


© 2020 by Excel Supplies. All rights reserved.

© 2020 by Excel Supplies. All rights reserved.