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Hazmat suits are full-body suits that are meant to keep the wearer from contacting harmful substances with which they are working. There are four different classifications of hazmat suits, each with a different level of protection. Let’s go over the different hazmat suit levels so you have a better idea of which one you need when purchasing PPE industrial supplies in Fort Myers.

Level A

Level A hazmat suits are the most protective suits on the market, offering the highest level of protection for respiration, skin, and the eyes. They are made to keep out gases, vapors, and tiny airborne particles. These suits are extremely complex as they are pressurized and have full face-piece self-contained breathing apparatuses.

Level B

Level B hazmat suits are slightly less protective. While they have the highest level of respiratory protection, they don’t have the same level of skin protection as a level A suit does. Level B suits also have the self-contained breathing apparatuses.

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Level C

Level C suits are resistant to airborne substances in cases where the concentrations and types of these substances are known and deemed less of a threat than scenarios which would require Level A or B protection. They also have masks with air-purifying respirators.

Level D

Level D suits are minimal protection suits. They don’t offer the same chemical protection or respiratory equipment as the others.

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