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PPE, or Personal Protective Equipment, is equipment that will protect the user or wearer against any health or safety risks at work. PPE includes items such safety helmets, gloves, eye protection, and suits. PPE is used in a wide range of jobs and industries, including industrial cleaning. Let’s take a look at the different types of PPE industrial supplies in Fort Myers.

Eye Protection

Eye protection can protect you from chemical or metal splashes, dust, gas and vapor, and even radiation. It’s important to have eye protection that is both functional for the task at hand, fits correctly, and is effective. Protective eye protection can range from safety goggles to face screens, face shields, and visors.

Protective Suits

Protective suits are vital for performing any task where none of your body can be exposed for whatever reason. Usually, the suits come with a mask either built-in or made to fit the suit.

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Sometimes the job doesn’t require a full protective suit but does require your mouth and nose to be covered. This can be because the chemicals you are working with can be harmful if ingested or even because there are potentially harmful materials in the area you are currently in. Masks can keep your mouth and nose safe from those materials.

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