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Water damage can take a toll on any property in various ways. Damages may be extremely obvious or may show up over time. Additionally, there are different types of water damage that require special treatment and equipment to restore a property back to normal. Knowing the different types of damage can help you know what water damage equipment in Florida you need to help your clients get their property back to normal.

Clean Water

When water leaks from a bathtub, appliance or broken water line, this usually produces clean water damage. This is because the water source does not contain high amounts of contaminants at first. However, when left untreated, clear water damage can progress to more severe damage.

Gray Water

Gray water damage occurs when the water contains dirt and other contaminants. When snow or rain water enters the house, or washing machines or toilets overflow, this can create water damage. If left untreated, this damage can make residents sick.

Black Water

The most severe type of water damage is caused by black water. This water is usually from backed up sewers, flooded rivers or sewer overflow. Additionally, clean water can become black water when it remains stagnant and bacteria begins to grow. Black water needs to be treated immediately with the right equipment to prevent both structural damage and damage to the health of a property’s residents.


Get the Best Water Damage Equipment in Florida

Knowing the different types of water damage can help you find the right equipment you need to give your clients the best treatment. Contact Excel Cleaning and Restoration for the best water damage equipment in Florida. With the best equipment, you can give your clients the solutions they need to restore their home.