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Are you aware that a simple and seemingly harmless water leak can wreak havoc in your home? If you fail to address water damage right away it can result in major disasters that will either lead to expensive repairs or irreparable damage. When water damage gets out of control you’ll need the help of a durable water damage equipment Florida to clean up the mess. If you want to save your home, this is something you need to do. What could be the possible consequences of water damage? Let’s find out.

Without Water Damage Equipment Mold Will Multiply

Trust us, mold is the last thing you’d want in your home. Do you know that it only takes one to two days for mold to thrive following a flood? That’s because mold grows in dark and moist environments. Unfortunately, mold not only compromises the structural integrity of your home it’s also bad for your health. Individuals who are exposed to mold often suffer from respiratory conditions and experience allergic reactions.

Black Water Contamination

Floodwaters fall in three different categories. Category 1 is considered clean water coming from sanitary sources; category 2 is grey water coming from appliances. Greywater can make you sick once ingested. Last but not least is category 3, which is black water coming from unsanitary sources. Blackwater may contain animal or human waste and a plethora of pathogens that can result in severe illness once ingested.

Destroyed Appliances, Gas Lines, and Wiring Systems

Home appliances, gas lines, and wirings should never get wet otherwise these could get damaged or worse, can lead to electric shock or explosion. Whenever there is a flood make sure to turn off all gas services. If the flood was able to destroy your gas lines and wires it is best to replace them with new ones for safety reasons.

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Need Water Damage Equipment Florida?

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