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Are you currently dealing with flooding, water leakage or some other water disaster? It doesn’t matter if your problem is a slow drip or a sudden flood – if left untreated, both can cause considerable damage to your property and increase your chances of developing serious health issues. Cleaning up on your own is too risky for your own good. Unless you fix this problem with the help of professionals that use the best water damage equipment Florida, you’re in deep trouble.

What are the Consequences of Untreated Water Damage on Your Health?

Hazardous substances that can potentially cause serious health problems may infect your home, depending on the source of water. These harmful elements include toxins, chemicals, and bacteria. Water that came from a burst pipe or a flood has dirt and toxins will be an excellent breeding ground for disease-causing bacteria.

Furthermore, since bugs are attracted to moisture, untreated water damage will undoubtedly cause them to lay their eggs on your property. Aside from the fact that dying bugs, as well as hatching eggs, always encourage the spread of bacteria, these will also cause other bugs to join in the party. When this happens, you put yourself at risk of developing diseases such as hepatitis.

Mold only needs 48 hours to grow. In case you’re not aware, water causes humidity that will promote the development of fungus, mold, and mildew. When you leave the water damage untreated, mold will carry a host of ailments including severe allergies, chronic headaches, asthma, as well as respiratory infections.

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Get Help from Professionals with the Right Water Damage Equipment Florida

Don’t allow yourself and your loved ones to suffer the consequences of long-term water damage. The last thing you need is to subject yourself and your family to poor indoor air quality, unpleasant odors, toxic mold growth, and other problems associated with unsanitary living conditions. Contact Excel Cleaning and Restoration to get help from professionals with the best water damage equipment Florida.