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Natural disasters are tough for everyone to deal with and not just for the destructive nature of them. Cleaning up afterward is costly and needs to be done properly, not only to prevent further damage but for the general health of the population. Using the proper water damage equipment Florida is the best way to clean up after a natural disaster.

Removing water from hidden places

Following flooding or water damage to your home or business, finding water in the area is imperative. If you do not remove the water, it can further damage the area and breed new problems like mold and more. Using a shop-vac and other wet vacuums is a great way to do this.

Dealing with Mold and Sewage Cleanup

Mold goes with water damage of any kind while sewage cleanup is almost uniquely limited to flooding. Following any major hurricane or flooding, standing water is often contaminated with all sorts of nasty remnants. Making sure it gets properly cleaned up is crucial to ensuring the health and safety of everyone.

what kind of water damage equipment florida do I need?

Need Water Damage Equipment Florida?

Hurricane season is still in full swing so it is important to know where to find water damage equipment Florida. If your home or business experiences any form of water damage, it is best to seek professional help. Contact us at any time, natural disaster or not, if you need help cleaning up water damage. Excel Cleaning and Restoration is always here to help your home or business.


We always strive to offer the most competitive pricing in the industry. Excel pride's ourselves on our ability to meet demand, product availability, service and support, and competitive pricing.  If you are buying in bulk we offer competitive pricing to meet your needs.  You can reach out to any of our commercial sales leaders by calling 800.909.3590.


© 2020 by Excel Supplies. All rights reserved.

© 2020 by Excel Supplies. All rights reserved.