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Not all stains are created equal. Sure tracking mud through the house can be annoying but we know how worried people can get when they spill red wine on their white carpet. Some stains can be easily removed while some take a lot more effort. Let’s take a look at the three worst carpet stains and how upholstery cleaning supplies in Fort Myers can get them out.

Red Wine

They say a glass of red wine a day is good for the heart. It’s not good for your heart though when it spills all over that white rug. Whatever you do, don’t just go scrubbing at it right away. Dab and blot away at the stain to get as much of the wine up before using any sort of cleaning product.


Most of the time if something gets stained by blood people just tend to throw it right away. That doesn’t always have to be the solution though. If you catch the stain early enough it can come out with some TLC and possibly even some specialty products.

Where can I find upholstery cleaning supplies in fort Myers?


Unlike most other stains, bleach physically lightens the shade of your carpet, so if it’s already started to work its magic, the best you can hope for is the ability to hide the mark on the carpet with a strategically placed couch.

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