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Traffic Slam Olefin Carpet Prespray - PL

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Traffic Slam Commercial Traffic Lane Prespray - Pail

Traffic Slam is the ultimate prespray for all Olefin, Triexta, Sonora, Smart Strand and Polyester carpets, and works just as well on commercial nylon. An advanced blend of micro-emulsion surfactants and emulsifiers dissolves the toughest soils. Powerful enough for restaurants, apartments, fire damage and filtration soils. Originally formulated as a traffic lane prespray for Olefin, we also found that Traffic Slam does incredibly well at encapsulating filter soil and taking out fire damage! Works fast and keeps working as long as moisture is present. Free-rinsing and non-toxic!

  • Dissolves oily film on Olefin that other presprays miss
  • Works fast - heavy soils are emulsified and ready to extract in seconds
  • Highly concentrated 1:32 dilution
  • Free-rinsing and non-toxic!

Dilution: 4 oz./gal.

RTU pH: 11 Contains: Pail

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© 2020 by Excel Supplies. All rights reserved.