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SidePack Wall Mount Kit by Zipwall

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Product Details

ZipWall SidePack Dust Containment Kit

Everything you need to seal a ZipWall® dust barrier along two walls, up to 9 feet high each. This kit contains six 3 foot FoamRail™ tapeless seals, six SideClamp™ wall mounts, and a carry bag. Works with all ZipWall® dust barrier poles.

After a dust barrier is in place, it can be sealed more tightly using FoamRail™ tapeless seals. The SidePack™ kit contains everything you need to seal a barrier along two walls up to 9 feet each.

Each SideClamp™ wall mount snaps onto a FoamRail™ tapeless seal. When mounted on the ZipWall® pole closest to the wall, the rail presses the barrier material against the wall and forms a tight seal. The SidePack™ kit can seal two walls up to 9 feet high each. It comes with a handy carry bag, ready for the next job.

Key features:

  • Creates a tight seal without tape in minutes
  • Innovative FoamRails snap onto wall mounts and press the barrier against the wall
  • Reusable and cost-effective
  • Can be used with negative or positive air
  • A convenient carry bag is included
  • Works best with ZipWall® 12 poles – not included
  • Can be used with plastic sheeting or ZipFast™ Reusable Barrier Panels – not included

Contents Six 3 foot FoamRail™ tapeless seals with T-Clips™, six SideClamp™ wall mounts, and a carry bag.

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© 2020 by Excel Supplies. All rights reserved.