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Saigers Code RED Prespray

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Saigers Code Red Powdered Prespray

Saiger’s Sauce Code Red features the same great formula as the original Saiger’s Sauce 1 plus an added oxidizer and enzyme to power through the toughest, greasiest, grimiest soils you can find.

Stable Oxy and Enzyme Combination

Code Red relies on a high-performing oxidizer plus a fast-acting protein enzyme to digest oily deposits and organic soils. It breaks down thick, sticky binders that hold onto dirt and soiling, emulsifying them for easy rinsing. With other enzyme-based formulations, the addition of an oxidizer and heat will destroy the enzymes and render the product ineffective. But Code Red’s enzyme is not sensitive to heat or harmed by oxy, allowing you to get the power of both agents in a single formula. Code Red was designed for cold water efficiency and effectiveness, so it's great for smaller truck mounts and portables. (Though it performs well and works even faster with heat!)

Note: Once mixed, Code Red doesn't have as long of a shelf life as other Saiger's Sauce products. We recommend using up your mixed batch the same day for the best results.

Great Product for ALL Situations

Code Red was designed specifically to tackle the worst of the worst—trashed rental carpets, severely neglected residential carpets, and greasy, grimy restaurants. You’ll love how Code Red performs in the main eating area of a restaurant, but where it really shines is on that first bit of carpet right outside the kitchen. You know the part we’re talking about which is that small section that absorbs most of the grease and oil from the bottoms of the wait staff’s shoes as they exit the kitchen. The area with black grease is so thick, you could scrape it up with a business card or pocket knife. Code Red goes to work right away, liquefying those thick, gunky deposits for easy and thorough removal. It rinses freely and won't leave behind any sticky residues. You’ll be amazed at the results—and your customer will be thrilled!

Fragrance-Free so You Can Add Your Choice of Favorite Deodorizer Fragerance

Code Red contains no perfumes or added fragrances, making it a great product to use around individuals who may be sensitive to strong scents. And since it is completely fragrance-free, you can add in your favorite deodorizer and leave your customer with a clean carpet that smells great, too.

No Harsh Additives

Saiger’s Sauce Code Red is free of harsh additives that can irritate users and building occupants.

Code Red contains ZERO of the following:

  • Butyls
  • D-limonene
  • NTA
  • Solvents
  • Fragrance
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© 2020 by Excel Supplies. All rights reserved.