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PEX 500psi Heated Portable Carpet Extractor Package

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PEX 500 Heated Carpet Extractor Package (wand, pressure and vacuum hose)

When you have been designing portable carpet extractors for professional carpet cleaners for over 35 years, you find the important features that the professional carpet cleaner needs to make their job easier, more productive and more effective.

With the end user in mind, the PEX Series were designed with a precision balanced, upright design for easy transport, loading or unloading by one person.The Pex also have a built-in wand caddy, retractable hose wrap, and built-in cord wrap so you can easily transport the PEX to job sites without an armful of accessories to carry.

To ensure satisfaction for our valued customers, the PEX Series were third party tested and certified by the carpet & rug institute for proven cleaning performance.

A new KEY feature to the PEX Series is the "Daytime Quiet" cleaning performance. Pioneering quiet cleaning is another way we are helping our customers have a safer cleaning environment and deliver higher satisfaction to their clients.


• Dual 3 stage Vacuums: Dual vacuums with unrestricted airflow for superior water recovery, NEW innovative fresh air intake for each vacuum improved vacuum life.
• Heater Element: In-line, after the pump for longer life and instant heat up to 212 °F at the wand tip, lifetime warranty.
• Low Moisture System: Less water combined with higher heat means faster drying, less chance of shrinkage or wicking from the pad.
• Smart Circuit Locator: Identifies separate lines to eliminate blown circuits.
• Tanks & Bodies: Lightweight, rotationally molded with lifetime warranty against cracks, leaks and dents. Unique pallet design for easy maintenance.
• Low Noise: Day-time-quite operation with innovative sound deadening chamber.
• Top Warranty: Industry leading, 2 year parts and labor warranty standard on the PEX Series


Vacuum: Dual 5.7”, 3-stage, in series
Vac Shutoff: Ball float
Pump: Positive displacement adjustable 50-500 psi
Waterlift: 200”
Heat: Adjustable to 212° F for carpet extraction, or 145°F for upholstery
Heater: 2000 Watts
Gauge: Glycerin filled pressure gauge
Wand: Evolution Rotationally Molded Wand, twin tip for 500 psi
Dimensions: 39”H x 25”W x 33”L
Weight: 110 lbs.
CRI Cert.: Gold

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© 2020 by Excel Supplies. All rights reserved.