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ODORx Thermo-55 Solvent Thermo Fog - GL

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ODORx Thermo-55 by ProRestore

Solvent-based odor counteractant for thermal fogging. Blend of highly purified petroleum solvents and odor-controlling essential oils to prevent malodors from infiltrating the living environment. Choose the fragrance that works best with the malodors being treated. Available in the following fragrances: CHerry, Citrus Lemon, Kentucky Blue Grass (KBG), Neutral and Tabac-Attack.

  • Thermo-55 is available in a variety of scents formulated to combat specific smoke odors.
    • Protein: Citrus
      Synthetic: Kentucky Blue Grass
      Natural: Neutral or Cherry
      Tobacco/Cannabis: Tabac-Attack
  • Working with especially difficult odors? Try ProRestore's Proven Odor Removal System.


  • Form : RTU
  • Appearance: Transparent light yellow liquid
  • Specific gravity: 0.79
  • Flash Point:
    • Cherry: 154°F | 67.7°C
    • Citrus Lemon: 179°F | 81.5°C
    • KBG: 183°F | 84°C
    • Neutral: 190°F | 87.8°C
    • Tabac-Attack: 174°F | 79°C
  • Xactimate: CLNDODR
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© 2020 by Excel Supplies. All rights reserved.