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ODORx Bad Odor Block (ea.)

B.O.B. - EA
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Bad Odor Block

Long-lasting odor control. Use this simple, set-and-forget wicking block to quickly suppress odors in virtually any location. Available in multiple scents, this natural block can provide odor control for months depending on application. Each block holds more than three times its weight in active ingredients.

  • Place Bad Odor Blocks in vents, ducts, airmovers, automobiles – anywhere long lasting odor control is required.
  • Pace in small room or closet, furnace plenum or duct system register, in the auto or wherever a fresher environment is desirable.
  • Attach to intake of carpet dryer to control wet carpet odor during the drying process.


  • Form: RTU block
  • Appearance: Brown colored fiber block
  • Dimensions: (W × H × D) 2.75 × 3.75 × 0.5 in. | 7 × 9.4 × 1.3 cm
  • Flash Point:
    • Apple: 160°F | 71.1°C
    • Cherry: 134°F | 56.6°C
    • Lemon Lime: 147°F | 63.8°C
    • Orange: 118°F | 47.8°C
    • Vanilla: 165°F | 73.8°C
  • Xactimate: CLNDODRCRY
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© 2020 by Excel Supplies. All rights reserved.