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Hi-Test Premium Alkaline Stone and Tile Cleaner (Select Size)

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Product Details

Newline Industry's Premier Hi-Test

Available in Gallons (NL102), Pail(NL102-5) or Drum(NL102-55)

Hi-Test is safe to use on acid-sensitive surfaces like marble, travertine, terrazzo, and limestone. Hi-Test safely emulsifies and breaks up stains and soils on ceramic tile, porcelain tile, quarry tile, natural stone, grout, and many other surfaces acids may destroy. Hi-Test unique formulation may be used for complete restoration or daily maintenance. The best thing about Hi-Test is that you can now clean knowing that you will no longer have foaming issues. Special surfactants in Hi-Test assure you that whether you are cleaning with your portable or truck mount you no longer have to invest in de-foamer.

  • RTU pH: 12
  • Dilution: 1:8 for Heavy Duty - 1:4 for Extreme Duty
  • SDS
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© 2020 by Excel Supplies. All rights reserved.