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Encapuclean Green DS Encapsulation - GL

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Encapuclean Green DS (GL) by Bridgepoint - GL

Based on the latest technology in green surfactants and encapsulating polymers, Encapuclean Green DS suspends and releases soils from carpet during cleaning. Encapuclean Green DS employs a new exclusive, proprietary non-hygroscopic polymer that allows for even faster drying times than other encapsulation products. The polymer attaches to soil in the carpet and dries to a brittle crust on the carpet fiber. When vacuumed, the dry brittle polymer fractures away, taking the attached soils with it.

Carpets cleaned with Encapuclean Green DS dry in less than an hour and prevents wicking, yellowing, and recurring stains that often plague commercial carpets. Subsequent vacuuming performance is enhanced with carpets actually getting cleaner with each vacuuming.

Encapuclean Green DS has been formulated in accordance with the latest environmental guidelines for green cleaning chemistry with the very latest in surfactant and encapsulating technology. It cleans with a fresh, "green approved" fragrance that your customers will love. In addition, its new ultra-concentrated formula (32:1 for normal soiling, 16:1 for heavy soiling) provides twice the coverage of conventional encapsulating cleaners.

Encapuclean Green DS can be safely effectively used with cylindrical counter rotating brush, rotary brush or bonnet, oscillating, or orbital agitation machines for high performance low moisture cleaning.

Dries Faster

Encapuclean Green DS employs an exclusive, proprietary non-hygroscopic polymer that allows for even faster drying times. Encapuclean Green DS contains no alcohol or solvents to try and speed up drying. Its exclusive formula does not need them.

Stretches Farther

Double Strength (DS) means the formula is ultra-concentrated, stretching your square feet of cleaning per mixed gallon and your dollars simultaneously! It has twice the cleaning coverage of conventional encapsulation cleaning. Encapuclean Green DS requires only four ounces to a gallon of water for normal soiling.

Green Formula, Green Fragrance

Not just the cleaning formulation, but the fragrance is green, too. Encapuclean Green DS has a light fragrance and aroma that refreshes the room and lets your commercial customer know you have been there. Even better, this fragrance has been used in products passing the most stringent green certification programs.

Cleans Better

After all, is not cleaning effectiveness the most important measurement for your customer? Encapuclean Green DS was field-tested with successful commercial carpet cleaners for over a year, as they compared it side by side to the cleaning performance of other leading encapsulation products. It not only cleaned better, it maintained the improved appearance longer. It does not do you any good for the product to be "green" and double strength, if the appearance improvement performance does not please your demanding customer.

Encapuclean Green DS has been lab and field-tested against the leading low-moisture encapsulation cleaning solutions and has demonstrated its cleaning superiority, including Releas-it, Releas-it Encap DS, Vacaway Hot Knife, Prochem Procaps, Jon Don Matrix Double Strength Encapsulant, and Masterblend Mist and Brush 2.

Encapuclean Green DS works effectively and is compatible with your favorite method of agitation cylindrical rotary brush, Cimex®, oscillating and orbital, and bonnet.

Dilution: 4oz./gal.

RTU pH: 7.5 - 7.8

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