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DriForce® Rescue Mat® System

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DriForce® Rescue Mat® System

Dry water-damaged hardwood flooring safely and effectively with the professional's wood floor drying system. The Rescue Mat System uses the power of a high-pressure blower like the DriForce Airmover or the HVE 3000 Flood Pumper (purchased separately) and a highly effective sealing mat system to draw moisture through the surface of the floor. Two mat sizes make it easy to custom fit to any floor layout. Help avoid costly wood floor replacement!


  • The setup is fast and simple with just one hose connection per mat.
  • Two-panel sizes for mix-and-match versatility.
  • Remove moist air – team up with the HVE 3000 Flood Pumper or DriForce Air mover.
  • Remove liquid water – use with an extractor like the portable HVE 3000 Flood Pumper or a Legend Brands Cleaning truck mount.
  • The complete system includes: 4 large mats (46 × 30 in.); 2 small mats (23 × 30 in.); 3 sections of hose with cuffs, 7 ft. each; 2 connector sleeves; 6 hose cuffs; 5 T-connectors; 1 roll replacement gasket


  • Large Mat (H × W):
    • 46 × 30 in.
    • 117 × 76 cm
  • Small Mat (H × W):
    • 23 × 30 in.
    • 58 × 76 cm
  • Legend Rewards: 500 points
  • Hose with cuffs: 7 linear ft.
  • Weight (kit):
    • 20 lbs.
    • 9.1 kg
  • Gasket seal: 0.5 in. foam strip
  • Mat material: PVC plastic
  • Xactimate: WTR WFI (hardwood floor drying with DriForce blower)
  • MF PN# 119218
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© 2020 by Excel Supplies. All rights reserved.