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50' Extension Cord 6/3 - 8/1 AWG, 125 Volt, 50amp with Twist Lock Ends

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Temporary Power 50' Extension Cord

Temporary power box cords are made from the highest quality STW wire. This jacketing is resistant to water, weather, and abrasion. STW is a cable designed for outdoor/indoor use with water restoration equipment, industrial equipment, construction tools, and other electrical equipment. STW cable has a temperature range of 1STW cable is UL listed, OSHA acceptable, and has cold temperature flexibility (-50C), lightweight construction, and exceptional durability standard/Approvals: OSHA, UL ListedUS Wire & Cable Power Cord, Temporary, 6/3 - 8/1 AWG Cord, 50 ft Cord Length, 125 volts, 50 amp, and thermoplastic rubber.

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© 2020 by Excel Supplies. All rights reserved.