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2000 CFM HEPA Air Scrubber by Pullman Holt

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NEW - 2000 CFM Air Scrubber with Certified HEPA Filtration

The A2000 by Ermator Pullman Holt is an update of the most popular air cleaners on the market. Compact design, with a higher flow, 2000 m3/hour. The A2000 HEPA Air Scrubber can be ran at two separate speeds. The certified H13 filter, which meets the asbestos requirements and is provided with child protection. Equipped with double warning lamps with signal. Red lamp for leakage, worn filter, orange lamp for 90% blocked filter. The air outlet is directed 90° from the inlet and is fitted with an outlet connector 254 mm in diameter for connecting the evacuation hose (8 m max.).

  • Non-Marking, Puncture-Free Lockable Wheels
  • Can also be equipped with inlet connector, transport protection and carbon filter
  • Equipped as standard with an hour counter and an extra socket
Air Flow 2000 cfm Brand Name Pullman Holt Ermator
Color Red (also available in orange) Dimensions 29 in L x 17 in W x 32 in H
Filter Type HEPA - H13 - Certified Manufacturer Pullman Holt Ermator
Sound Level 68 dBA
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© 2020 by Excel Supplies. All rights reserved.