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17" Twister Floor Pads (2-packs)

17" Twister Pad
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17" Twister Floor Pads

Twister™ is a revolutionary cleaning system consisting of floor pads containing billions of microscopic diamonds which clean and polish the floor mechanically instead of using chemicals. Twister™ can be used on most common floor surfaces such as terrazzo, natural stone, concrete, vinyl, and epoxy. Twister™ transforms dull, worn floors into clean, glossy, and brightly polished floors. Twister™ has unique advantages that benefit both cleaning company and the floor owner.

The unique Twister pads make the floor both cleaner and more attractive. The result is a beautiful floor! The secret is that each HTC Twister pad contains billions of microscopic diamonds that not only effectively clean but also polish the floor during daily cleaning. The difference between the various pads is the size of the diamonds - shifting the basis between cleaning and polishing. This enables you to upgrade a dirty, dull floor to a clean and shiny finish. Continued use of Twister Green maintains the floor's clean, shiny condition. Simply JUST ADD WATER!

  • Twister™ Red pad (400 grit)
  • Twister™ White pad (800 grit)
  • Twister™ Yellow pad (1,500 grit)
  • Twister™ Green pad (3,000 grit)
  • Twister™ Purple Super Clean pad (6,000 grit)
  • Twister™ Purple Super Gloss pad (10,000 grit)
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© 2020 by Excel Supplies. All rights reserved.