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17" Gorilla Diamond Pads

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17" Gorilla Diamond Impregnated Floor Pads

Natural Stone and Concrete Pads – Diamond by Gorilla®

Diamond by Gorilla® is a system of floor pads that cleans and polishes concrete, terrazzo and natural stone floors mechanically without the use of chemicals. ETC’s Diamond by Gorilla® system consists of floor pads impregnated with billions of microscopic diamonds that will transform any dull, worn floor into a clean, shining floor. The diamonds come in different sizes, creating different levels of aggressiveness ideal for cleaning and polishing. This system can be used on surfaces such as concrete, terrazzo, marble, ceramic and other natural stones as well as VCT when using the 1500 and up polishing pads.

ETC’s Diamond by Gorilla® system of floor pads polishes and cleans natural stone, terrazzo and concrete floors without the use of chemicals. Ideal for shopping malls, retail clubs, hospitals, schools, airports, banks, high-end hotels and more, these pads work with all types of machines and auto scrubbers and eliminate the need for periodic restoration.

Benefits of Our Diamond Polishing Pads

– No dyes added and no color transfer due to unnatural coloring
– 40% more durable than competitive pads
– Easy to use
– More heat generated
– High level of quality provided only by ETC
– Quick learning curve
– Take dull floors to a high clean shine
– Save time and money
– No need for waxes, sealers, strippers or other chemicals
– Works on all types of floor machines – wet or dry – including conventional, auto scrubbers and high speed machines

Choosing the Right Diamond Polishing Pads

Our Blue Diamond by Gorilla® pad is our most aggressive diamond polishing pad. Perfect for damaged floors or for use after grinding, this pad is designed to remove discoloration and scratches to restore the look of your floors while providing a high-clean shine.

The Red Diamond by Gorilla® is slightly less aggressive and is also ideal for damaged floors or for use after grinding, and it produces a matte or satin finish.

The White Diamond by Gorilla® pad is perfect for an intermediate step or as a first step in floors that haven’t been maintained. This pad cleans surfaces, removes small scratches and leaves a slightly reflective finish.

The Yellow Diamond by Gorilla® pad is ideal for maintained floors and cleans and prepares them for high polish. This pad can be used as a regular maintenance pad or to remove fine scratches and condition concrete and stone floors for final polishing.

For normal daily maintenance, the Green Diamond by Gorilla® pad provides and maintains a wet look shine that restores the appearance of concrete, stone, tile, terrazzo and VCT floors.

The Green and Purple Diamond by Gorilla® pads produce the same wet-look shine that is ideal for concrete, VCT, stone, tile and terrazzo floors.

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© 2020 by Excel Supplies. All rights reserved.