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125gl Hydracradle Tank and Reel Combo - Live Solution Reel

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Hydracradle Water Tank and Reel Combo

Maximize space in your van, improve your productivity, store and easily retrieve your hose, and have freshwater available at all times. With 125 gallons of freshwater instantly available, every job will be hassle-free. The durable, roto-molded rust resistant hose reels hold 200-250’ of vacuum* and solution (pressure) hose with options to customize and expand your capacity. The electric vacuum hose reel provides for powered retraction (via a convenient foot-switch) to reduce fatigue and time spent “tearing” down on the job site. The frame is constructed of high quality powder coated steel, stainless steel, and aluminum to reduce rust and corrosion. The Inlet water pump has up to 4.5 gpm capacity to continuously feed to the solution pump on your truckmount. Finally, the HydraCradle is also equipped with a convenient mounting station for your in-line injection sprayer.

• 125 gallon freshwater tank
• Automatic freshwater shut-off when tank is full
• 200-250’ capacity*, roto-molded rust resistant electric vacuum hose storage reel
• 200-250’ capacity, roto-molded rust resistant solution (pressure) hose storage reel
• Convenient mounting station for in-line injection sprayer and wand
• Weight (without hoses) 285 lbs.
• Dimensions: 34” W x 47 1/4” H x 65” L

Check out the NEW Enhancements!

The HydraCradle has eliminated the live hook-up for your vacuum hose reel. The reel will now have a bearing on both sides that are held in place by two stainless steel collars. This enhancement allows for:

• Less tension on the axle allows for the end user to pull hose off easier
• Lower amperage draw on the motor
• Lowers torque on the belt and pulleys
• Reduces maintenance on the axle
• No loss of vacuum flow and cfm due to the air having to “travel” through 200-250’ of rolled up vacuum hose*

Another enhancement in the HydraCradle is the use of aluminum and stainless steel components and parts designed to reduce corrosion.

Finally, the HydraCradle will have a next generation upgraded solution reel swivel. The new swivel is rated for higher pressure and temperature than its predecessor. It is all stainless steel construction with Viton seals.

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© 2020 by Excel Supplies. All rights reserved.