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Has your home been recently flooded? Before you contact a reliable restoration equipment Florida company, check out these immediate actions that you can take for flood damage restoration.

Stay Safe

Although the first 24 hours are crucial in the prevention of further flood damage, you’ll have to think about your safety first. If you need to leave your home during the flood, don’t hesitate to do so. Be sure to keep yourself posted for information and special instructions from authorities before you decide to return to your home. Before entering your property, be sure to wear protective clothing and keep an eye out for structural damage such as warping or cracks on its foundation. Next, you’ll need to find the main breaker to turn off the electricity and contact your flood insurance provider as soon as possible. 

Document and Assess the Damage

Don’t forget to document everything by taking photos and videos of your damaged home. When you make repairs before you document the extent of damage, the extent of your insurance coverage could potentially decrease. 

Follow Proper Flood Cleanup Procedures

Remember that your goal is to remove as much water as you can and dry everything as soon as possible to prevent rotting and mold buildup. To get started, dispose of damaged items, hose off and dry foam sheets of insulation, take out the furniture and dry them under the sun, take out floor coverings, clean up your appliances and dry them up (don’t use them unless you’ve had them checked by a professional technician), check if your running water is clean, and remove the water and debris on the walls. Never let garbage pile up to prevent contamination.

Where can I find the best restoration equipment Florida?

Contact a Restoration Equipment Florida Company

Time is of the essence. You’ll need the right restoration equipment Florida to get the job done immediately. Contact the nation’s #1 source for cleaning and restoration supplies – Excel Cleaning and Restoration now.