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Do you need to improve your carpet care process? In case you’re not aware, there’s a huge difference between carpet restoration and carpet cleaning. Perhaps you have a loop-pile nylon carpet that hasn’t received any form of TLC for more than a year. Furthermore, it has heavy soils, spots, and grease. If you think that this requires your regular carpet cleaning job, think again. You just might need to get your restoration equipment Florida ready because it’s highly likely that you’re looking at a carpet restoration project.

The Carpet Cleaning Project

Carpet cleaning is a simple procedure that needs to be performed on a timely basis. Professional-grade chemistry, cleaning tools, and other industrial equipment are often used during the process.

The Carpet Restoration Project

A carefully-thought-out plant is required if you’re going to have your carpet restored. This means that in order to prequalify your carpet restoration project, you’ll need to carefully examine your carpet construction, fiber, as well as its fiber and soil. Doing so will help you determine the correct chemistry and methods that are needed to bring your carpet back to life. Next, you’ll need to vacuum to prevent soil wicking. To lift and separate the carpet’s fibers before vacuuming, you’ll need to use a pile lifter or a carpet rake. Once vacuumed, conduct primary cleaning by pre-spraying the carpet (focusing on traffic lanes and heavily soiled areas) with a professional grade pre-spray. Agitate the applied pre-spray into the carpet by using a mechanical rotary or cylindrical floor machine that comes with a carpet brush.

Looking for Carpet Restoration Equipment Florida?

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