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Did you know that you can detect mold in its early stages? A moisture meter effectively detects mold where it is not visible to the human eye. Keep reading to learn more about the best professional cleaning supplies in Florida!


What It Is

First things first, mold is a practically harsh growth to detect early on. Usually, mold is remediated when we can visually see mold on the walls. However, moisture meters are an innovative way to discover mold moisture in hard to reach surface areas.


Types of Meters

In addition, moisture meters come in two forms:

-wood, cellulose fibers are a circuit element

-electrode currents are sent with two pins

-electrical resistance identifies moisture


  • Pinless meter

-uses radio frequency signals

-emits signals to the scanned surface

-does not physically enter the surface tested


Hidden Mold

In most cases, mold can grow in the most hard-to-reach places such as cracks in walls or even behind them. If mold is left undetected, it can pose fatal health risks and complications.

Furthermore, mold spores are found below the surface in these places:

  • Insulation material between the walls
  • Damp attics and/or basements
  • Ceilings with leaks
  • Below tile, wood floors and carpets
  • Between walls and/or drywall


where can i find the best professional cleaning supplies in florida for mold?


Contact Your Professional Cleaning Supplies in Florida Today!

Lastly, we know how important it is for you to detect mold in its earliest form. This is why our moisture meters help you detect mold before an even more damaging situation occurs. Contact us today for more information about the best professional cleaning supplies!


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© 2020 by Excel Supplies. All rights reserved.

© 2020 by Excel Supplies. All rights reserved.