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Did you ever have an issue locating the source of moisture? The best way to do this is through infrared thermal imaging—a device used to detect lingering water in the wrong places. Even after restoration, it is important that you know that the desired space is completely dry. Let’s keep reading for more information about professional cleaning supplies in Florida!



What It Is

In the first place, thermal infrared cameras can detect moisture levels in its early and later stages. With this handy device, you can assess walls, ceilings, and other affected areas of homes and buildings.

Most importantly, is that thermal imaging cameras detect moisture before mold sets in. Once this occurs, you can expect health conditions and the quality of air to be severely contaminated.



How It Works

Moreover, infrared technology can detect moisture through electromagnetic radiation. They are also known as “radio waves” that are invisible to the human eye. However, it emits heat that can be felt physically.

Therefore, because of the heat, it emits it can easily detect moisture by bouncing off its radio waves. The heat signatures can vary from red, yellow, blue, green, or purple. These colors indicate the level of moisture found. For instance, if an area comes up a deep purple then this means this area has significant moisture.


where can i find the best professional cleaning supplies in florida?

Are You in Need of Professional Cleaning Supplies in Florida?

All in all, we know the importance of getting the best cleaning supplies. This is also in the event where you should be able to locate moisture in its early stages. Contact us today to get started!


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© 2020 by Excel Supplies. All rights reserved.