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Mold can be a nuisance if not dealt with as soon as possible. You probably think that mold can only grow in the basement and in the other moist and dark areas of your home. However, you may be surprised to find out that mold can also be spotted in the most unexpected places around the house. Before you use up all of your Professional Cleaning Supplies Florida to eliminate the mold spores in the basement, know where else to check for the presence of mold.


  1. Refrigerator Drip Pans


When was the last time you cleaned out the drip pan that collects the condensation for your refrigerator? If you’ve failed to do so for more than a year now, then spores have likely been busy thriving in it. Your refrigerator drip pans collect water and occasional food spills, that’s why it’s extremely important to have them cleaned at least twice per year to avoid mold growth.


  1. Attic


Do you have a water leak in your room? If you do, this means that mold spores are likely in your attic. In case you’ve forgotten, they thrive in dusty environments with limited airflow in them. It would be best to have your roof inspected for leaks before it becomes too expensive to repair.


  1. Wallpaper


You won’t be able to check if mold is growing behind your wallpaper unless you remove the wallpaper yourself. However, your older wallpaper’s peeling edges are tell-tale signs that mold has begun to spread where you can’t see. If mold growth is suspected, you’ll need to have it removed and replaced by a trained professional.


  1. Window Sills


Did you know that your window sills are one of the best breeding grounds for mold spores? Your window sills’ frequent exposure to moisture from condensation, the little airflow they get during summer if the windows are open, and the dirt that accumulates in their grooves provide food to the mold spores. To keep this from happening, you’ll need to regularly wipe your windows down and clean out the window tracks.

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