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If your leather furniture is at stake, you’ll want to steer clear from doing one wrong move that can seriously discolor your investment. Dodging the need for tedious leather repair is made possible by proper leather maintenance and the use of appropriate leather cleaning products Fort Myers. To help you sort fact from fiction, keep a look out for these horrific mistakes when caring for leather furniture.

Leaving Printed Items on the Leather

Printed items can bleed onto leather when you leave them laying in contact with it. Unless you want to have an extra copy of the reading material that you would never have wanted, refrain from putting magazines, newspapers and other printed materials on your leather couch for an extended period of time.

Placing Your Leather Furniture Close to Heat and Sunlight

With prolonged exposure to heat and sunlight, you’ll run the risk of ruining your leather furniture. If you place it close to radiators, heating vents, and space heaters or in areas where it’s constantly exposed to direct sunlight, your leather couch will have discolored patches with cracked and dry parts.

Forgetting to Turn and Fluff the Cushions

It’s best to turn and fluff your leather cushions on a weekly basis. Otherwise, wrinkles that are almost impossible to fix will begin to develop.

Not Dusting

In case you’re not aware, your leather furniture needs to be dusted at least once every week. Weekly attention to the dust that builds up on your couch will keep your furniture in tiptop shape for a long time. For dusting, you can choose to use your vacuum cleaner’s brush attachment or a dry microfiber cloth.

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Using the Wrong Leather Cleaning Products Fort Myers

Don’t even think about using detergents, soaps, sprays, polishes, and oils when you’re trying to clean your leather couch. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions or call the experts at Excel Cleaning and Restoration when you’re in doubt. If you want to know more about our leather cleaning products Fort Myers, contact us today.