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We know that maintaining a clean space is important to you. Every single stain, spot, or crevice you can find you know it must be cleaned. That’s why we are your experts for industrial cleaning supplies in Fort Myers to get you great quality products. Let’s learn a little more about the basics of cleaning—disinfectants and sanitizers.


Moreover, disinfectants destroy organisms in a quick and efficient manner. This method requires a stronger solution to combat germs rather than reducing them. You should expect to find that disinfecting an area requires not being able to touch the surface for a period of time. Microbials are a unique type of living bacteria that can live on surfaces even after cleaning. That’s why a stronger solution is great for removing microbials over time.


In contrast, sanitizing reduces the number of germs on a surface. Instead of combating them entirely, the germs are cleansed from forming again. The point of sanitation is to briefly clean an area that will be safe to touch immediately afterward. who has the best industrial cleaning supplies in fort myers near me?

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Last but not least, now you should have an understanding of the differences between disinfecting and sanitation. Although these two themes seem very similar, there are subtle differences. As always, if you need to find the best cleaning supplies, then make sure that you contact us today! We are your cleaning and restoration experts!  


We always strive to offer the most competitive pricing in the industry. Excel pride's ourselves on our ability to meet demand, product availability, service and support, and competitive pricing.  If you are buying in bulk we offer competitive pricing to meet your needs.  You can reach out to any of our commercial sales leaders by calling 800.909.3590.


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© 2020 by Excel Supplies. All rights reserved.