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It’s not uncommon to find industrial organizations that have their own methods of industrial cleaning in place. Aside from the fact that they have to make sure that every piece of product is completely cleaned of hazardous particles from parts, materials, metals, and other industrial components so that these products will function as intended, high-level cleaning is also a critical method of the industrial build, design, and supply process. That’s why a reliable source of industrial cleaning supplies Fort Lauderdale and services is needed by industrial businesses.

What is Industrial Cleaning?

Industrial cleaning refers to the act of cleaning harmful areas in warehouses, factories, power plants, and other types of industrial settings. This is performed by an industrial cleaner who has had extensive job training on the safe handling of special cleaning equipment and chemicals while working around the heavy machinery.

What are the Types of Industrial Cleaning Services?

  • Mold Removal and Remediation

To effectively deal with the mold spores that could cause serious problems to your health, a specialist will secure the containment area and perform air testing and mold testing before providing the mold removal services.

  • Decontamination

To keep your facility safe for you and your employees, professional decontamination services are provided to address toxic chemical spills that mostly happen in pharmaceutical or cosmetic industries.

  • Mercury Spill Cleanup

In most cases, mercury spills take place in warehouse floors, industrial facilities, assembly floors, and production floors. Eliminating mercury vapor and its sources require industrial cleaning services. 

  • Hydro Blasting

This process involves the use of a high-pressure water blaster to remove lead and paint on highways, airports, parking lots, and industrial facilities.

  • Industrial Vacuuming

This is used to suck up metal shavings, debris, chemicals, dirt, and other substances from your equipment, flooring, or walls. 

  • Asbestos Removal

An experienced industrial cleaner will test for toxic asbestos fibers in residential, commercial or public buildings while following strict processes and regulations to keep everyone in the area safe.

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Are You in Need of Industrial Cleaning Supplies Fort Meyers?

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