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Aside from getting the right commercial cleaning equipment Florida, you’ll need to learn a few cleaning tricks up your sleeve from the janitors who’ve seen it all. People who have been keeping facilities and buildings in their cleanest conditions have undoubtedly run into stubborn cleaning problems that are as interesting as they are unique. Check out these commercial cleaning secrets that you can incorporate into your cleaning techniques.

Rust Removal: Baking Soda

Rust is a common cleaning problem. If you have rust in the laundry room or your kitchen, you can pour a baking soda where the corrosion rests and allow it to sit overnight. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is for you to scrub it away in the morning.

Blood Stains: Baby Wipes

When your young boys get carried away with their roughhousing, minor injuries such as bloody noses can commonly happen. To remove the blood stains on your carpet, use a baby wipe to rub on the affected spot in circular motions to bring up the bloodstain fast.

Crayon Marks: WD-40

If your toddler thinks that his bedroom wall is a blank canvass that needs to be drawn on, you’ll be dealing with crayon marks all over it. To save you time and effort, you’ll need to use a soft cloth with WD-40 to wipe down the spots with the crayon marks on them. For painted walls, spray the WD-40 directly onto the cloth.

Toilet Clogs: Dishwashing Liquid

Squirt a generous amount of dishwashing liquid into your toilet bowl and let it sit for a few minutes before you use the plunger to remove the obstruction.

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Looking for the Right Commercial Cleaning Equipment Florida?

While these top cleaning techniques from experienced professionals will effectively save you the time and the energy to keep your home or business in tiptop shape, you’ll also need the right commercial cleaning equipment Florida to complement them. Contact Excel Cleaning and Restoration to help you deal with your cleaning problems ASAP.