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The truth is, having the right cleaning products from the best Cleaning Products Suppliers Florida is critical in maintaining industrial facilities, office spaces, classrooms, and fleets of vehicles. These large-scale cleaning projects won’t be done as efficiently as possible without your cleaner and your degreaser. If you’re not quite sure about the distinction between an all-purpose cleaner and a heavy-duty degreaser, you’re not alone. What’s the real deal? How do you know when to use a cleaner or a degreaser?

What’s the Difference?

A much gentler option between the two is the all-purpose or multi-purpose cleaner. It’s perfect for delicate surfaces that are made out of metal, plastic, glass or perhaps painted wood because of the fact that it’s milder than the degreaser and is much safer to use. This cleaning agent is commonly used in cleaning company eating areas and kitchens, cleaning lightly soiled or dusty surfaces, as well as cleaning bathrooms. Since its pH level is close to neutral (which means that it’s not really acidic), it will not be harmful to the surfaces that it’s applied to. It’s best to go for the clean and green variety with a low-odor formula that doesn’t contain glycol ethers so that it’s safe to use indoors.

Which Should You Pick?

On the other hand, a degreaser is much more abrasive and aggressive than the all-purpose cleaner. You’ll use a degreaser when your all-purpose cleaner fails to clean heavily soiled areas. This makes it the ideal cleaning product for areas where you’re not worried about delicacy that’s why this is usually used for industrial applications. In fact, cleaning large and heavy equipment that’s difficult to move to require a heavy-duty degreaser for much longer contact time. Furthermore, although the degreaser’s pH scale is a little higher than the all-purpose cleaner, it can still be used in conjunction with a steam cleaner or a pressure washer. Aside from this, it can also safely and effectively used for spot degreasing.

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Looking for a Cleaning Products Suppliers Florida?

Are you still combing through your list of Cleaning Products Suppliers Florida? Whether your business only has a need for one type of cleaner or both, Excel Cleaning and Restoration can provide you with the right tool for whatever cleaning project you might have. Contact us today or check out our website for more information about our products.