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Perhaps one of the worst nightmares that you could ever have involves a glass of wine and the immaculate white carpet that you recently purchased. In a state of panic, you’ll probably call your mother or a cleaning products supplier Florida. However, before you waste time crying a bucket of tears over the incident, check out these simple do’s and don’ts that can apply to any wet stain on your carpet.

Do Blot

There has to be a clean soft cloth or a roll of paper towel somewhere in your kitchen. Do grab it, place it over the stain, and begin blotting the stain lightly. Be sure to fight the urge to scrub furiously because your goal is to absorb as much of the wine you spilled as possible. You’ll run the risk of spreading the stain to a larger area if you make any attempt to rub or scrub. Repeat the process of lightly applying pressure on the wet stain until the majority of the wine is absorbed. Never press the cloth or the towels until no liquid is absorbed from the stain’s surface. When you’ve reached the point where no more liquid is absorbed, that’s when you start applying small amounts of pressure.

Don’t Use Water

Contrary to what you may have assumed, using soap and water to clean the stain might make the stain appear even worse. Certain fibers don’t respond well to water. For instance, water can damage carpets that are made of wool or a wool blend.

Don’t Use a Stain Remover

Don’t even think about using club soda or vinegar in your desperate attempt to clean the stain. Misapplication will ruin your flooring and your carpet.

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Do Call a Cleaning Products Supplier Florida

It’s best to reach out to experienced professionals who can give you the right cleaning products supplier Florida. If you’re dealing with stains on your carpet, contact Excel Cleaning and Restoration, the nation’s #1 source of cleaning and restoration products!