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Did you know that in other areas, oriental rugs could go for years without cleaning? Unless you’re used to leaving your outdoor shoes at the entrance to your house, you won’t track in much dirt on your rug. But if your spike heels or hard outdoor shoe soles are constantly on it, chances are, you might just need to check if you still have your Cleaning Equipment Supplies for a day spent on cleaning your oriental rug.

Six Easy Steps to Clean Your Oriental Rug

It doesn’t matter if you clean your rug on a monthly or yearly basis. The point is, you should have it cleaned only when you think it really needs it. To find out if it does, you can pick up a corner of your rug and kick its back sharply while you’re holding it. It needs cleaning if you see a cloud of dirt flying out of the pile. Another way to check is to kneel down on it before rubbing it vigorously with your hand for 5 to 10 seconds. Your rug needs cleaning if your hand is dirty after you do this.

Vacuum both sides well.

Head out to the garage or driveway and lay it flat on a clean surface before vacuuming both sides. Make sure that no fringe is stuck in the sweeper.

Prepare a soapy water solution.

Add shampoo or mild liquid soap to cool water. It’s best if you don’t use sudsy ammonia water or any strong detergent. In a small area, test for a color run.

Use the solution to wash the rug.

Use a firm, non-shedding sponge or a soft, long-haired brush when you apply the soapy water solution to the rug. To avoid roughing up the rug’s material, brush firmly with strokes going in the same direction. Use a laundry brush to wash the fringes.

Rinse, rinse, rinse!

Do this with running water.

Squeeze the water out.

Use a rubber window squeegee for best results. Work in the same direction as the fabric.

Lay it flat to dry.

Make sure that all sides are completely dry by flipping it over.

Where are the best cleaning equipment supplies Florida?

Cleaning Equipment Supplies Florida for Your Oriental Rug

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