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A truck mounted carpet cleaner is a carpet and upholstery unit that is mounted inside a van and always fuel driven. This type of carpet cleaner can provide an unparalleled cleaning experience. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of truck mounted carpet cleaners from your cleaning equipment suppliers in Florida.

Higher Temperature

Truck mounted carpet cleaners are capable of a lot higher cleaning temperatures. The higher temperatures will make the cleaning agents more active. This allows for a cleaner carpet without needing to use as many chemicals.

Faster Cleaning

Since truck mounts are easier to set up, jobs can be completed much quicker. Portable cleaners require you to fill up buckets of water, carry the machine to the door and frequently fill and empty the machine. Truck mounts have their own waste tanks on board and hook up straight to a water supply.

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Less Mess

Since all that needs to go into the house is the hose, there is less mess and fewer things that can get in the way. There is no need to fill buckets, meaning there is no chance of water spilling out of the buckets. Also, since it’s just the hose there is less equipment that needs to be brought in.

Are You Looking for Cleaning Equipment Suppliers in Florida?

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