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Pet odors are one of the trickiest smells to completely eliminate from an establishment or home. In fact, it requires a team of the best household cleaning supplies in order to lift and eliminate. So, if you’re tackling a tricky pet situation, here is where you should start:

Find the Source

You can get rid of odor without getting rid of the pet(s). You just need to find the main source of their odor. This is typically soft surfaces and furniture, including carpet, couches, and rugs. A But, finding the source isn’t always easy. A UV flashlight can give you a better look at suspected areas.

Counteract the Odor

You can only cover up pet odor for so long. So, you need to chemically break down the odor-causing enzymes. An odor remover can be diluted to different levels of strength, depending on the severity of the smell. By breaking down the molecular structure, you can work to ensure the odor does not return, as well as remove any bacteria.

Where can I get the best household cleaning supplies?

Improve Air Quality

Heat and humidity can contribute to odors. In conjunction with a deodorizer, a dehumidifier can lift moisture that contributes to any scents trying to linger. This’ll also help eliminate any other odors caused by moisture in the air, allowing your chemical restoration to do its best work.

Lift Odorous Stains

Stains are the final remnants of pet odors. If a client reaches out regarding a pet stain, tell them to treat it to an extent to help the removal process. After eliminating the smell, restore appearance by lifting stains. A stain remover can also contain anti-resoiling properties to keep the area fresher for longer.

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