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We know the importance of how the right protection is key in the cleaning and restoration business. Sometimes, it requires working in conditions where we have to protect our skin along with inhaling harsh contaminants. Keep reading on how you can protect yourself by learning more about the best cleaning equipment suppliers Florida!


Protective Suits/Coveralls

Let’s begin with protective outerwear. Particularly, hazard protective suits gives you the best defense against soot, dust, and soil. These suits are incredibly lightweight and comfortable. They have a zippered front for easy-to-wear access and elastic wrists for when you need to roll up your sleeves.

In addition, it’s important for the suits to be made up of breathable fabric. Especially in the summertime when heat factors into the quality of work being done.


Respiratory Protection

Moreover, facial protection matters in areas with fumes and hazardous substances. These lightweight masks make working in these environments effortless. They safeguard you from inhaling small particles such as mold and dust while continuing your work.

Most important, is maintaining the breathing respirator itself. In order for the respirator to effectively protect you from harsh fumes, it’s essential to clean all facepieces for re-use. Each piece must be disassembled and rinsed with warm water. Then, they should be soaked in a disinfecting agent and hand-dried for future maximum performance.


where can i find the best cleaning equipment suppliers in Florida?

Visit your Local Cleaning Equipment Suppliers Florida Office!

Last but not least, keeping yourself protected at all times is important to us. Contact us today to find out how you can better safeguard yourself!




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© 2020 by Excel Supplies. All rights reserved.

© 2020 by Excel Supplies. All rights reserved.