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Foster 85-45 Fos-Stik Spray Adhesive

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Foster 85-45 Fos-Stik Spray Adhesive

Foster® 85-45™ Fos-Stik™ Adhesive is a rapid tacking, low soak-in aerosol spray adhesive used to adhere a wide variety of insulation materials to metal or other construction surfaces where immediate adhesion and high initial adhesive strength are required.


  • Can be used either as a one-way wet or as two-way contact cement.
  • Can also be used for adhering to difficult substrates like polyethylene film, phenolic, polyolefin, elastomeric foam, or most plastics, leather, wood, and cloth.
  • Waterproof, flexible, transparent, and non-staining.
  • No chlorinated solvents or ozone depleters.
  • No asbestos, lead, mercury, or mercury compounds.
  • Cleans up easily with Mineral Spirits.

FOS-STIK ADHESIVE meets ASTM C916, Type IV (ASC-A-7001A, Type IV) requirements.

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© 2020 by Excel Supplies. All rights reserved.