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Fleixpro Battery Sprayer - 120v

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Product Details

The new FlexiPro Sprayer holds a removable 2.9-gallon bottle, allowing you to easily switch chemicals. The translucent bottle also allows you to easily see when you need a refill. Fifteen feet of coiled hose allow you to move around easily while leaving the sprayer unit in one place.

Comes with an extra spray jet, so you can quickly and easily switch from doing carpet pre-spray to upholstery pre-spray. Removable jets allow for easy priming and rinsing of lines.
Retractable Handle!
Allows extra mobility with built-in wheels, or lift and carry with molded-in handle.
No Recharging!
The corded FlexiPro sprayer will give you peace of mind since you no longer have to worry about a dead battery in the middle of a big job.
The rotomolded plastic housing unit is proven to last for years, as is the heavy-duty gun and stainless wand assembly. FlexiPro is completely Viton fitted and repairs are easy when necessary. The pump AP31 is mounted on an easy-to-access aluminum plate.

Other Features and Benefits:
  • Sprays at 50 psi.
  • Detachable Power Cord
  • Wide Bottom prevents the sprayer from tipping over
  • Large cap enables easy refills and less chance of spills
  • Built In Extension Holder keeps out of the way on truck
  • Large Wheels provide easy movement on commercial jobs or large rooms
  • Extra Jets Easily Attached so you can move from carpet pre-spray to upholstery pre-spray to protector with different jets
  • Easy Priming and Rinsing of Lines due to removable jets
  • Easy to Fix - simply remove 6 screws to service pump
  • Sealed Cavity so pump and wiring are protected from spills
  • Flojet Water Pump is durable, easy to maintain, self-priming
Removable 2.9-Gallon Bottle Keep several on hand to quickly switch between your most used chemicals!
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© 2020 by Excel Supplies. All rights reserved.