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Eliminator System by Serum

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The "ELIMINATOR" is a radio controlled, water-less, low pressure, low flow spray SYSTEM designed by Serum Products for our Remediation and Disaster Recovery Contractors. The Serum Eliminator System is designed to work for years reducing the labor required for remediation cleanup, reducing the time required to complete the clean up job and drastically improving surface appearance. Enabling contractors to bid more jobs and turn them faster with better results.

The "ELIMINATOR" is designed to spray our Serum 1000 by itself or accurately down stream inject 1 part Accelerator with 17 parts Serum 1000 accelerating the Serum 1000 to a more aggressive level without damage to the wetted metal and plastic parts, seals and "O" rings.

The radio control system has a receiver mounted inside the power unit and a transmitter mounted on the 18" application wand. The system has a range of 900 feet enabling contact even inside buildings up to 150 feet away. The radio system transmitter, via the ON/OFF buttons, turns the pump on and off, starting and stopping the flow out of the spray nozzle.

The pump system is a dual opposed piston, positive displacement pump. It is self priming with all chemical pick up tubes having a filter and check valve on the end in the chemical containers. The pump normally flows 1 gallon per minute so we slow the RPM speed down to 0.5 gallon per minute greatly extending its normal productive life cycle.

The chemical pick up tubes can not be cross connected. The Accelerator is set up as a closed loop system that will not allow the caps to be swapped. The Serum 1000 has a pick up tube that goes all the way to the bottom of the five gallon pail and the Accelerator has a cap that has to marry to the closed loop insert in the five gallon pail. Also the pick up tubes and five gallon pails are color coded, Serum 1000 BLUE and Accelerator RED. There is a third ,UTILITY, pick up tube that is water white and can be used to spray any other chemical (at 0.5GPM @ 74 PSI) that the contractor needs to apply, such as our Serum 2000, long term protector.


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© 2020 by Excel Supplies. All rights reserved.